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Trust Me, I’m Going to Be A Doctor Intro

Welcome to Trust Me, I’m Going to Be A Doctor (hopefully). Once a week I’m going to post on various public health topics that interest me or catch my eye. A lot of the time, it will probably be one link or video that I will breakdown and/or discuss why it’s right or wrong. Usually, I’ll provide further links for people that want to know more. As always, I’m open for suggestions! If you have a topic you want discussed or are just curious about, let me know. (My email is srbaldauf@gmail.com if there isn’t an easy way to do so on the page).

Anyways, I’m going to jump right in this week. This was one of the first videos that really got me thinking about public health issues. The video itself is a little long at 20 minutes, but definitely worth it and I highly encourage you to watch it at some point.

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