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The Vegetarian Adventure, Part 1

I am a meat eater. My family, big meat eaters. In fact, my extended family actively avoids any green foods, possibly at a subconscious level. My mom discovered that if she brought a green-colored salad, and this could be a jello salad or pure sugary goodness with green food coloring, to a family gathering–wouldn’t get touched.

Now, I’m not as bad as my extended family. Lettuce on a burger, sure. And I will occasionally eat a salad…or a few chunks of broccoli…or yeah. So, not actually much green food getting eaten here. Seriously thinking it might be a subconscious thing. But I do try to work veggies into my meals. I eat a lot of peppers and onions, and a few other things here and there. (Which I can’t really think of, so that’s a bad sign).

But last week, I’m eating at Panera with the girlfriend and enjoying The Onion and the following exchange occurred:

Girlfriend: “So we should try to work in a vegetarian meal each week.”
Me (with increasing dread): “…Should we?”
Girlfriend: “I think it sounds like a good idea, don’t you?”
Me (suppressing feelings of panic): “Yeah, I suppose so.”

And then I took a large bite of my turkey sandwich (For reals). All kidding aside though, I know I need to increase my vegetable intake and decrease the amount of meat I eat. It’s healthier for me and better for the environment at the same time. Unless I find a vegetable that tastes like a cookie, I’m going to have to face my subconscious fear of green food. And it looks like this is the week. Check back for updates throughout the week.

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The Weekly Progress Report #2 — Fail

Time for the weekly progress report. In case the title didn’t tip you off, it wasn’t pretty.

Eating: I started off the week pretty good. Cooked a few meals including another homemade chicken pizza (I’ll try to start including pictures in the next couple of weeks), some pasta, and bbq chicken. Things went downhill from there though. We (being me and my girlfriend) never made it back to the grocery store and ended up eating out way too much. On the plus side, though, we did get Thai food for the first time. Very tasty.

Grade: C –

Working out: This would be the main source of the failing. I really didn’t work out at all. Played tennis once. For only a half an hour. Really need to work on this.

Grade: F

Mitigating Factors:

  1. It was ungodly hot, especially early in the week
  2. Membership at a climbing gym ran out (boo)
  3. Had a lot of meetings/work throughout the week but I can’t let that be an excuse
  4. Getting ready to move, so I’m trying to keep the food supply low

How I Plan to Improve: I need to reevaluate my plans for eating and working out. There will be posts to follow going through this. I also might try to start jogging with my puppy but she might be a little young still.

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“The Meal is Over When I Hate Myself”

I don’t know how many of you have seen Louis CK’s Chewed Up act, but he pretty much sums up my eating style. You can watch it here (from 1:12-2:15), though I should warn you that he is pretty vulgar. In case that bothers you.

That’s pretty much me. Always has been. Seems to run in the family. There is no stopping when I’m full. I know I’m full, but the food looks sooo good (and tastes sooo good). So I keep eating. And I enjoy it, at least til I’m done. I’m the person who finishes everyone else’s meal.

So overeating is a HUGE problem for me. And that’s without even talking about my sweet tooth, which I’ll save for another time. Anyways, it’s something I need to work on. Enjoy the Louis CK (one of my favorites these days).

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Weekly Journal #1

First weekly journal keeping track of my progress being healthy!

As far as food goes, not a bad week. Made pasta, a delicious homemade chicken pizza, and bbq chicken. Probably could have eaten more fruit and veggies (this will be a recurring theme). Mostly yogurts for breakfast and small lunches. Ate out twice this week. Panera Bread once, and then Brickhouse BBQ (highly approve!) to celebrate my brother joining me in Madison for school.

Most importantly, barely any overeating! Which is a HUGE victory for me. The only time I ate way to much was at Brickhouse BBQ, which I’m okay with.

Eating grade for the week… B-

-need more fruits and veggies

For working out. Played tennis 1.5 times with the girlfriend. Biked/rock climbed once. Went to Hot Yoga once (I’ll explain someday).

Working out grade… C

-not a great week but an improvement on the usual

Overall weekly grade… C+

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The Gene Pool from Hell (and how I got here)

So I figure I should start out with a little background.

My gene pool sucks. (From a health standpoint). At least one person in my immediate family (within 2 generations) have gone through the things listed below. Here’s what I’m up against, in no particular order:

  • Type II Diabetes
  • Prostate/Lung Cancer
  • High Blood Pressure
  • A massive heart attack (before the age of 40) and quadruple bypass surgery
  • A large stroke (mid-40s)
  • Dementia
  • Family-wide obesity and all the problems that go with it
  • Any unknown problems from my mother’s side, who was adopted (could be good or bad)

Now, a lot of the problems are probably caused by the obesity. When I was in high school, I thought I had nothing to worry about. I played multiple sports and was in great shape. Meanwhile, pretty much every adult on my dad’s side were various degrees of obese. (side note: I seem to have gotten most of my genes from my dad’s side–I am very much a Baldauf) At my grandparent’s 40th anniversary, I saw a picture of my grandfather just after high school. At the time, he weighed well over 300 pounds. But in the picture, he was scrawny as a twig.

That scared me. I went to college and stayed in good shape my freshman year. Sophomore year I went backwards a little bit. Junior year into senior year, I got back into shape and dropped to my lowest weight in years. But as senior year went on, I worked out less and less. My fifth (and final!) year, I barely worked out at all. I was working all the time and school sucked the rest of my time and energy up.

I went over 200 pounds (I know it’s not that much, but it was always my cutoff point–the difference between me and the rest of my family). Some of it was due to naturally widening out, losing my teenage shape. But I could see myself starting down the same path that my grandpa and my dad and my uncle went down. My once freakishly low blood pressure also went up to normal levels, destroying my hope of getting my mom’s blood pressure.

So that’s where I’m at now. I’ve done a little better this summer. Haven’t weighed myself lately, partially out of a fear of how high I’ve gone, but I think I’m probably near 200 on the high side.  I’m probably in about average shape, but I still judge myself compared to high school, which I’ve fallen a long way from. And that’s me, struggling to beat my gene pool.

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