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The Vegetarian Adventure: Part 2

Or “Where the Fates Force Me to Go Vegetarian”  (or “Epic Fail of a Curry”)

If you missed the first part of “The Vegetarian Adventure”, it’s right here.

I’m not going to lie. Wasn’t going to do the vegetarian thing this week. It wasn’t a total cop-out though. (I swear!) I looked up a bunch of vegetarian recipes and even found some potential dishes. Quick shoutout to healthyeatingstartshere.com for some great advice on vegetarian eating. The girlfriend also found a couple recipes for us to try. We decided to put off some of them until after moving day (Sunday). Trying to avoid keeping food around the house.

Anyways, we picked out our meals for the week at Whole Foods based on what was on sale. Initially, we were planning on making an all-veggie curry. Pretty simple; a nice easy start to the weekly veggie meal. But then…we decided we wanted some chicken in the curry. So the vegetarian meal was pushed back to next week.

Fast forward three days. I cut up all the veggies for the curry, get the potatoes cooking, and I’m all set to dice the chicken. About this time, I realize that I forgot to get the rice cooking. Since the rice takes an hour and the girlfriend was leaving before then, I make the executive decision to leave out the rice. Things are already going downhill.

Back to the chicken. We bought thighs this week, because they were on sale. (Usually, we get boneless breasts). So I wasn’t that familiar with the chicken. But something seemed a little off right away. I smelled it, and it was just a little funky–smelling a little bit like eggs. On top of that, the underside of the thighs seemed a little discolored and they were kind of sticky. So (insert favorite curse word, e.g., ****sticks). I tossed the chicken.

Now normally, I’d shrug it off as nothing and eat something else. This week was a perfect storm. No backup food due to moving day. For some reason I cut the veggies first and got the potatoes cooking, the opposite of what I usually do (forcing me to stick with the meal). The chicken goes bad in only THREE days in the fridge. And all of this during the week where I said I’d be starting a weekly vegetarian meal, and then backed out of it. Coincidence? I’m not so sure.

Oh, and then I discovered that I didn’t have any cream for the curry either. Epic fail of a curry.

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