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The Vegetarian Adventures, Part 5

This week was a disaster. Ish. I decided to make a butternut squash gnocchi with a creamy cashew/rosemary/garlic sauce off of the blog Hamburger Eats Me. Things started off poorly right away.

What I Expected

I had to work friday night, so I was counting on getting home around my usual 9:30. I had the girlfriend start soaking the cashews and baking the butternut squash in hopes that the more time-consuming steps would be done by the time I got home. Naturally, I got stuck at work longer than I expected, but the squash didn’t sit out for too long.

I chose the recipe, first because it looked tasty, but also because it seemed very doable. Turns out, it was more over my head than I expected. The biggest issue was the lack of concrete measurements. I don’t typically stick right to the measurements anyways, and I have no problem winging it. Not being much of a cooking expert, a definition of soft and smooth versus dry and sticky still seemed pretty obvious. Turns out, it destroyed me. I was reduced to adding the flour a tablespoon at a time. I was terrified of crossing into the dry and sticky realm. After carefully adding numerous spoonfuls of flour and not noticing much difference, I decided to just go for it. It was already pretty late and I was getting impatient.

The next step involves rolling the dough into a tube. So I’m thinking, “Oh, dough. Like cookie dough. Piece of cake to roll.” Not so much. I grabbed a handful to roll it, and it ran through my hands like oatmeal. Awesome. Back to fearfully adding flour. After who knows how many spoonfuls, the dough seemed a little bit stickier (which I was starting to think was more ideal) and was becoming a lighter color. So I tried again. Still pretty oatmeal like. Great.

By now, I’m just hoping to eat by 11. And I am not happy. It was a billion degrees in my closet of a kitchen. I was hungry. And I was sick of being scared of the flour. So I dumped a bunch in, stirred, and still couldn’t determine if it was dry and sticky or smooth and soft. (Clearly, I’m a cooking prodigy). Instead of rolling the dough into a tube, I scooped some up with a spoon, and threw it into the boiling water. Rinse, repeat. And the gnocchi didn’t actually turn out too bad.

The sauce was pretty straight forward. It was pretty dry at the end, so I added a little bit of water. The lack of measurements led to me winging the spices, and I’m pretty sure I woefully underestimated the amount needed. It was pretty bland.

What I Got

The sauce was a little bit paste-like as well, but the gnocchi weren’t terrible. As a meal (in terms of edibility), it wasn’t too bad. But the making of it was a disaster. Also, the lighting in my kitchen sucks for pictures. We’ll see how next week goes.

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