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Shane vs. Genetics is a blog written by me (Shane) to follow my struggles to be healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle while dealing with a very unhealthy gene pool (also a large appetite and terrible sweet tooth). For the details, check out the first post titled “The Gene Pool from Hell”.

Over the last couple years, I’ve started slipping down the same path that my grandpa, uncle, and dad went down. But I have no intention of following that path. I do not believe that genetics are inescapable and that we are all predestined to whatever our genes say. There is no pills or quick fixes for this, it’s all about the choices I make for my lifestyle. This blog is a way for me to track my own progress, while showing others (and my younger brothers) that genetics aren’t everything.

I am also an aspiring medical student (and hopefully not just aspiring a couple months from now), so I plan to post a variety of different things on health related issues. Might just be reactions to an article or my opinions on different health issues going on. Please feel free to send suggestions or comments.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. paulbentley says:

    Great blog Shane. I’ve jumped on board for the ride 🙂

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