Baldaufs vs Genetics: 10 Weeks Left

Time for another weigh-in. We’ve moved weigh-ins to Fridays for the rest of the challenge.  We aren’t weighing in after a potentially rough weekend this way. Also, I will hopefully be able to get them up on the following Monday (clearly worked this time). This week is pretty busy, so I’ve been lacking the time to get internet access (I will be adding it at home next week though! Get excited!)

Anyways, questions are:

  1. How are things going? Starting the new year off well or struggling?
  2. What’s your least favorite thing about working out?
  3. If you could make one food healthy magically, what would it be?


The Bob(father)

1. “The new year is going alright. Started dropping back down slowly.”

2. “Finding/making time to work out is really the hardest part. Once I’m doing something it’s not too bad.”

3. “I would have to say pizza, only because we seem to resort to pizza most often for an easy meal.”


Starting Weight: 223 lbs
Current Weight: 217.2 lbs
Overall % Change: -2.60%


The Dan (Uncle)

1. “Shitty. Struggling.”

2. “Working out?? What the hell is that?”

3. “ White bread, homemade. Great, now I need to have some bread.”


Starting Weight: 268.8
Current Weight: 261
Overall % Change: -2.90%



1. “New year is starting off okay. Ran a few times, but have kind of kind of tailed off now that winter has finally arrived. I need to get back after it or go to the gym, but this week is pretty busy and not really helping with that.”

2. “Worst part about working out is probably the time I attach to it. It might only take me 45 minutes to work out, but I stretch the time around it to almost 2 hours. I need to change, set up a playlist, go to the gym (which can add over half an hour…fuuuuck), come back, and shower. Just hard to block off that much time. Either that, or the motivation required to work out after working all day.”

3. “ I would say pizza, but I can enjoy a healthy pizza. Big fan of flatbread pizzas. Maybe bagels and cream cheese. Or ranch. Or fruit dip—but that leads to eating fruit. But I probably have to say…cookies. Especially if they include my mom’s cutout cookies frosting. Damn sweet tooth.”


Starting weight: 195 lbs
Current weight: 193.6
Overall % Change: -0.72%



The Bob comes back pretty strong, while I take a small step in the right direction and Dan plateaus. Even though Dan’s struggling, he’s still in the lead. There are 5 more weigh-ins left (ending on March 23rd) so only 10 more weeks to go. I think all of us would agree that we haven’t made as much progress as any of us would like. We all need to pick it up going forward if any of us want to meet our goals.

Pretty quick and dirty. Hopefully be back with at least one more post before the end of the week.


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