Some New Year’s Resolutions

I’m back! For now. I am hoping to keep up with things a little better (the internet situation is in the works). For those of you interested in Baldaufs vs. Genetics, we’ll be all caught up at the end of this week and I will definitely be on top of that.

Anyways, with New Year’s going on, I figured I’d share a few of my resolutions. Normally, I’m not a fan of resolutions. They kind of fall into the same category as diets for me–destined to fail. They tend to be too general, too short-term, and not planned out enough. People also tend to try to make drastic changes instead of gradual, progressive change. It’s a setup for failure. Weight loss and healthy living isn’t about short-term fixes (like diets). It’s about changing lifestyles.

But, I could use a few new goals and it happens to line up with New Year’s. So this year, I’m making resolutions. And I’m also making plans for them.

1. Lose the love handles/inner tube around my waist

The first place I gain weight and the last place I lose it; right around the waist. I was making a little progress on this front until the last couple of weeks. Now, I don’t like where I’m at and it’s time to make some changes.

2. A decisive victory for the third hole on the belt loop

Last summer, I was stuck on the second hole on my belt. A month ago, I was pretty solidly on to the third hole. Currently, I’m kind of in limbo between the second and third. It’s time for the third hole to get a definite victory.

3. Get some resemblance of muscle back

This mostly applies to my chest and arms. I don’t think I’ve been this lacking in muscle since middle school. I would like it to look like I have at least some chest muscles again. Also, being able to do push-ups again would be nice.

4. Back on track with the veggie meals

Once a week, all veggie meal. I can do this. Really.

5. Keeping up with the blog

I’m working on it. I promise.


So, how am I going to accomplish these things? First, working out more. I have a one-month gym membership, but I’m saving that until the New Year’s Resolution crowd has cleared out a bit. This winter has been strangely mild so far, so I’m running outside for now. I hate it, but it’s got to be done. Also shooting for daily push-ups/sit-ups starting with 25/50 respectively and building up. I’ve tried to do this many times and failed, so this probably comes down to willpower.

Veggie meals is pretty self-explanatory. I’m also trying to eat smaller portion sizes, less snacking, and only eating when I’m hungry. (This will be easier after I finish purging the leftover sweets). All in all, that should cover resolutions 1-4.

As for the blog, first order of business is figuring out internet. If I don’t get it at home, I need to set aside a particular time a couple days a week to go to a coffee shop to get posts up. Then it’s a matter of finding material so that I can post more about health topics and current events instead of only the personal stuff that I can do without lots of internet access.

For anyone else out there doing resolutions, plan it out! Don’t go too drastic. Work your way up to what you want. Find someone to hold you accountable. Think long-term while keeping things manageable. And good luck!

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