Where Have I Been?

Judging by the fact that I have still been getting views, many of you have probably been wondering where the posts have been. As I mentioned in the newest Baldaufs vs Genetics, I’ve been without internet. Being lazy, I’m just going to copy and paste that here to help those of you who are too lazy to scroll down to it or find it. So here’s what’s been up:

“Been without internet for a week and a half now. My apartment gets free internet from the landlord, but they don’t guarantee it then. So my ability to get it fixed has been limited to calling and waiting, while toeing the line of bitching too much and being told to get my own damn internet. Therefore, my internet usage has been limited to whatever I can conveniently do on my phone. Of which blogging is not one of. Hopefully the internet will be back soon.”

Anyways, the break has allowed me to rethink how I’m going to work the blog going forward. Baldaufs vs Genetics will continue, but Operation Suit Squeeze has essentially come to a close with my last interview scheduled for tomorrow, for now. Similar to the old weekly links, I’m going to pick one link a week to discuss more in-depth and hopefully start some conversation in the comments. I’m also probably going to do one post a week that is a random topic chosen by me. This could be ranking workout songs, figuring out the perfect workout place, etc. Not sure how this one’s gonna work out. We’ll see. But once my internet is back up, I will be back to posting regularly. Hopefully with the three set posts a week, it’ll help me keep them coming on a regular basis. Be back soon. If the internet gods are kind.

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