OSS — 7 Days Left

One week until the first interview. Tried on the suit again today. Not a whole lot of progress but the pants fit fairly comfortably after having them on for a little bit. A good week here and I should be good to go.

I blame the lack of progress on the crazy weekend. Went out on Saturday before the Badger game for my brother’s birthday, and then went out on Sunday on the way to the Packer game. I should probably work on eating less or making healthier choices when I eat out. But I don’t want to.

The game plan for this week is to workout everyday, which it looks like the weather will finally help me with, and to go low-carb for the week. Played tennis against my brother today (and lost again, for the 4th straight time, despite outplaying him yet again). Tennis always surprises me. I don’t feel that tired, or at least consistently worn down, while playing but I usually leave with pretty tired legs. Which really surprises me since my legs usually feel fine after long bike rides. Anyways, back to the boxing gym tomorrow. Bike ride and/or boxing gym Wednesday. Tennis on Thursday. Friday and Saturday are still up in the air.

As far as the low-carb goes, trying to jump-start a little extra weight loss. (I could also use it for a good showing on the first weigh-in of Baldaufs vs Genetics). I’m not going full-blown, no-carbs, but I am cutting them completely out of dinner when I usually eat most of my carbs. So lots of meat and veggies this week. And this way I don’t have to give up fried egg sandwiches after working out.

Coming down to the stretch here and things look alright. Though I’m already craving carbs and it’s been like 6 hours. Should be interesting.

One thought on “OSS — 7 Days Left

  1. Kyle Baldauf says:

    outplaying my ass
    there’s a reason I am now 4-0, and that reason is called superior talent

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