Baldauf’s Vs. Genetics!

Today starts Baldauf’s vs. Genetics!! Clearly, I’m excited about this as the exclamation points show (2 of them, look out!). So what is Baldauf’s vs. Genetics?

Baldauf’s vs. Genetics is a 6-month competition consisting of my dad, uncle, and me. For the next 6-months, all three of us are going to be trying to lose weight, and whoever loses the highest percentage of their starting weight wins. We don’t have the prize for the winner picked yet. We might also have a halfway point (roughly) winner on January 1st for a little added motivation through the holiday seasons.

I will have a quick profile for all three of us up later today/tomorrow for a little background and starting weights. We will each be checking in every two weeks with updates on weights and quick discussions on what we’re each doing or what’s been difficult.

I’m pretty excited. This should be really good for all three of us. Also, if anyone else wants to follow along/be a part of the competition, comment or send me an email and I’ll get you set up. Anyone is welcome to join!

One thought on “Baldauf’s Vs. Genetics!

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