OSS Days 8-17 — Catch-up

I’m back. Sorry for the long hiatus. I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats.

So we’re going to do a quick catch-up with this post. Last time I talked to you guys, Operation Suit Squeeze was not doing well. Here’s what has happened since then:

  • My first interview was scheduled for October 24th. So there is an official target date now, and I’m down to 38 days to get into my suit. It’s a little bit sooner than I expected (not a problem since getting in somewhere is my main concern), but it’s nice to have the added urgency.
  • I seem to be making progress. Even with the hiccups of the first week, I seem to be slimming a little bit. At least enough that it’s been qualitatively noticeable. So that’s encouraging.
  • A big part of my progress is due to getting on my bike. Going into this, I thought my biggest problem was a need to work out more. I’ve managed to go for two bike rides each of the last 2 weeks (and once in the first week). I’m up around 13 miles per trip, shooting for a longer ride tomorrow.
  • My bike also blew out it’s back tire 10 miles into my last ride, nearly sidelining the best thing I have going for me. Luckily, I was able to get it fixed quickly. Plus it forced me to run (while dragging my bike) for the last 2.5 miles. I was surprised how well my legs held up. Might consider a triathlon in the spring if I can find somewhere to do swimming training.
  • On a related note, when did air start costing money at a gas station? It took my four stops to find one with free air, as I didn’t have my wallet with me, just so I could confirm that my tire was shredded.
  • Sweets ban. Miserable failure. At this point, I’m just trying to control my sweets cravings. Realistically, I need to not have sweets in the house. Like ice cream. Or candy bars. Or cinnamon toast crunch (but organic!). Unfortunately, that probably won’t happen. I won’t name any names (the girlfriend), but I’m just going to have to suck it up and keep it under control.
  • Being Wisconsin, it’s gotten cold already. That’s not good. I don’t do well with working out outside when it’s cold. I looked into gym memberships to see if I could afford any of them, but none of them really worked. So I need to come up with a plan for this winter. Of course, it’ll probably be in the 90’s in two weeks or something. But I should plan ahead for this.

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